Pasta Dinos


Pasta Dinos
We used different types of pasta, paint brushes, liquid glue, and glue sticks to create our very own pasta skeleton dinosaurs. This turned out to be a fun and messy art project for my littles!

Summer Haiku’s

For some added fun,  each of my students did a little crafting and wrote a Haiku. 

My students learned that a “Haiku” is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems consist of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables.

My students were assigned a summer theme.  They did some amazing brainstorming with their summer theme to come up with ideas for their Haiku. 

I had a whole wall of these masterpieces but somehow didn’t get a pic of them all together. So here’s a lil’collage of one piece. 

Big Words

Looking for a new way to incorporate whole group learning with high frequency words? Purchase the “Big Words” app.  It’s a fun and interactive way to integrate technology  into the classroom in a very easy manor.

In this picture attached, I am holding the word every, here’s what I say:

(Me) What’s the word?

(Students) every

(Me) What’s the word?

(Students) every

(Me) I completed every obstacle at the race.

(Students): repeat sentence... I completed every obstacle at the race.

(Me) Spell it

(Students): e-v-e-r-y, every

(Me) Great job…then slide to the next word, repeat the same process…repetition, repetition, repetition!!!

Have fun!!!

Fact Families and Candy Corn

There is an inverse relationship between Addition and Subtraction. A number fact is made up of three numbers. These three numbers can be used to make up other number facts. … If children learn the important inverse relationship between addition and subtraction, subtraction facts will become much easier.  We practice these a lot during small group math but we had a little fun with it adding in a candy corn craft!! 

Hard ‘C’ vs. Soft ‘C’

We had a little fun with coloring and following multi-step directions.

(Coloring is also a great fine motor practice)

We worked hard to determine whether the word read contained a hard ‘c’ like in candy or a soft ‘c’ like in  circle.

The students colored the hard ‘c’ sound /k/ the color orange and the soft ‘c’ sound /s/ the color   green.

I’m Telling Time…

Here’s a multi-sensory approach to telling time! My students were really excited yesterday when I broke out the playdough.

I found my free anchor chart for our group discussion prior to our lesson here:

My students took turns reading the time from laminated digital clock cards. Then, they used their playdough for the minute and the hour hands. Counting by 5’s was another part of our lesson to find the correct place for our minute hands. Last, they wrote the digital time in their clock playdough mats to reinforce placement of the hour and minutes on a digital clock. 

Lots of fun while learning!

Almost two months in…

Yes, we are almost two months into the school year and I am still making changes to my classroom to meet the needs of all of my students! I love them all and want to support them in any way that I can to help them achieve success. 😊

So introducing, my newest classroom addition…the Calming Corner!!

**My tie backs for the curtains are bulletin board border with velcro!!**

Classroom Reveal

I am excited to finally reveal pics of my classroom! I am extremely happy with how it all turned out. I am still organizing and moving things around to make things easily accessible for my students in all areas of the learning environment. 

There is really no specific theme in my classroom…it’s all about bright colors, chalkboards, polka dots, chevron and owls!…My students seem to love it! 😊

There is also no particular order to my pics.  I have to get better at that! 

This area is part of my reading corner and it’s so cute with the lanterns and the little chalkboard sign.

This is part of my “Writing station” for independent writing work. I am working in filling my trays with a variety of writing materials.
My desk and my math center. I have left myself some empty bins so that I can add math task cards for independent math practice.

This is my new exit station which I have not introduced yet but can’t wait. I love it! I found it on TPT and I added the visual pics for my students to help understand what each level means!

Post-Its are conveniently located right next to the the check out exit area! Thank goodness for the heavy duty velcro from 3M. 

My Brag Tag wall!

My “reading buddies” basket…located right next to my reading corner.View of one side of my classroom.

Reading corner.

Larger view of my writing station.My chevron curtains that my awesome mom made for my classroom. 😊Behavior Management wall…Make “wise” choices! The other side of my classroom. I love this large chalkboard that is also magnetic.The sideview of my carpet/group area.“Writing”and “Reading” bulletin boards.Place to store all of my laminated games/taskcards, etc.Chevron decorated MATH letters that sit above my math shelf.

Reading shelf in my reading corner.My calendar…#calendar

My word wall…I still need to add the words.This is another view of one of  my “book” bookshelves…my awesome mom added chevron tape and chevron border to it to make it extra cute.My Big Book Station for extra work on reading and word work.Last but not least…an upclose view of my “Math” bulletin board.

Big Book Literacy Station

A classroom reveal is coming soon but I am too excited not to share my “Big Book Literacy Station”!  I took a literacy course this summer about how to incorporate meaningful literacy stations into your classroom.  The “Big Book Station” was one of my favorite stations and I am so excited to get to introduce this to my students!  One of my fav things about it is how easy it will be to differentiate the activities to meet each of my students needs! This is what it looks like but I have tools that I am gathering to go along with it! Once it’s all together I will post another pic!