Classroom Reveal for My Hubs

So, what is a teacher to do when she can’t get into her classroom yet?  Well… when she has a husband that is also a teacher she can decorate his classroom! 😬 My husband an I are both moving to new school districts this year so that means…new classroom…which also means new deco! He is a high school teacher and is teaching financial literacy so deciding on a deco theme was a little tricky especially when I am an elementary teacher.  Since my husband is a teacher by day but a coach by night I went with a sports theme.  So here are pics of what I have been up to. Unfortunately, my pics loaded backwards so my least favorite things show up first. 😏 I’m still a little new at blogging!


Numbers/Number Words

With this activity my students roll a die and find the corresponding number on their sheet, next they stamp the number word into their Play-doh along with stamping the corresponding number, last they use a dot marker to mark off what they just completed on their sheet. They continue rolling the dice again until all numbers have been marked off of their sheet.

Dr. Seuss Fun

Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite authors! I just love his amazing quotes and how his books are full of silliness, mischeif and even life lessons. I enjoy incorporating his literature and Dr.Seuss inspired activities into my lesson plans.
Below you will see a tabletop game I made for Kindergarten aged students to practice matching uppercase letters to lowercase letters. You will also see the addition card game that I used in which the student is given an addition problem to solve. The student will use Swedish Fish to solve the problem and will then find the fish bowl with the matching solution.  

For example:

a) the card will read, “2 +3=”

b) Student will count out: 2 Swedish Fish + 3 Swedish Fish = 5 Swedish Fish 

c) Student will find the card with the number 5 in the fish bowl! 

Problem solved! 

The last thing I have included is a sensory table activity.  The sensory table is full of items that are the colors red, white and blue. The students are to sort through the items in the table and pull out all of the items that are a different color than the colors on Cat’s hat… The items in the table include many different multi-sensory materials such as feathers, tissue paper, ribbon, beads, etc. The students have a great time feeling all of the different tactile materials while sorting colors. 

The second collage is two pics of myself…one is of me showing off our “Teacher of all Things” t-shirt and the other is of me dressed up as the “Cat” from “The Cat in the Hat” book.

“From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere!” ~Dr. Seuss


Cute and Useful Too

Today in my classroom I was able to add some cute deco which is also going to be very useful! My mom made me these great boards to keep my classroom birthdays and IEP dates visually in check at all times! Check them out… 

  I am so blessed to have such a talented Mom! ❤️ her!  Owls are my absolute favorite animal!

 I will add a name and number (the number will represent the students birth day) to the circle and I will put the circle under the correct month…J for January, F for February, etc. I will add my IEP dates the same way to these circles so that I can visually see what meetings I have upcoming. This particular board only has the actual months that are observed for the school year.

Multiplication with Arrays

Another anchor chart…This was used in teaching Multiplication to one of my math groups. It can be hard for some of my students to memorize multiplication facts so I like giving them some different ways to solve multiplication problems. I have attached a few pictures of how we have been working with solving multiplication problems by using arrays. I like the multi-sensory approach so that is the journey we’ve been on. Trying to keep my students learning while incorporating some fun!  


Compare and Contrast – Venn Diagram

This week in my groups, our learning has been focused on comparing and contrasting Informational text. Also, comparing and contrasting items with “what we already know” and we practiced how to use a Venn diagram.
With my younger students, we played a game where students made comparisons and contrasts which were we wrote down on sticky notes and they had to “Post It” to the correct place on the Venn diagram.

My older students got to experience a Venn diagram in lights! Yes, I made a Venn diagram out of Christmas lights! 😊 They pulled comparison and contrast statements from a passage about a Beluga whale and an Orca whale and they placed them in the correct places within our Venn diagram made of lights!

Our exit ticket one day was a game of Kahoot! My students love Kahoot! Another day our exit pass was that we played a game where I read a statement from the lesson just taught and they had to hold up a sign that said “compare” if it was a comparison statement or the sign that said “contrast” if it was a contrast statement!

We had a great time this week in The Resource(ful) Room!

Kinder Work

The sight word we explored today was “can”. We practiced the word “can” in many ways today… We worked on writing the word by itself and in a sentence, we used our house paper to practice correct letter formation within our word, we boxed up our word, we circled our word in a word search and highlighted our word in a word comparison chart, we made our word out of play-dough and we READ a book with our word in it!‪#‎KinderWork‬ ‪#‎AllinADay‬12798876_205697086455200_9066171976639803415_n

Sight word “can” practice!943983_205697099788532_1148505792149901395_n

Emergent readers!