Big Book Literacy Station

A classroom reveal is coming soon but I am too excited not to share my “Big Book Literacy Station”!  I took a literacy course this summer about how to incorporate meaningful literacy stations into your classroom.  The “Big Book Station” was one of my favorite stations and I am so excited to get to introduce this to my students!  One of my fav things about it is how easy it will be to differentiate the activities to meet each of my students needs! This is what it looks like but I have tools that I am gathering to go along with it! Once it’s all together I will post another pic! 


Classroom Reveal for My Hubs

So, what is a teacher to do when she can’t get into her classroom yet?  Well… when she has a husband that is also a teacher she can decorate his classroom! 😬 My husband an I are both moving to new school districts this year so that means…new classroom…which also means new deco! He is a high school teacher and is teaching financial literacy so deciding on a deco theme was a little tricky especially when I am an elementary teacher.  Since my husband is a teacher by day but a coach by night I went with a sports theme.  So here are pics of what I have been up to. Unfortunately, my pics loaded backwards so my least favorite things show up first. 😏 I’m still a little new at blogging!