Hard ‘C’ vs. Soft ‘C’

We had a little fun with coloring and following multi-step directions.

(Coloring is also a great fine motor practice)

We worked hard to determine whether the word read contained a hard ‘c’ like in candy or a soft ‘c’ like in  circle.

The students colored the hard ‘c’ sound /k/ the color orange and the soft ‘c’ sound /s/ the color   green.


I’m Telling Time…

Here’s a multi-sensory approach to telling time! My students were really excited yesterday when I broke out the playdough.

I found my free anchor chart for our group discussion prior to our lesson here:


My students took turns reading the time from laminated digital clock cards. Then, they used their playdough for the minute and the hour hands. Counting by 5’s was another part of our lesson to find the correct place for our minute hands. Last, they wrote the digital time in their clock playdough mats to reinforce placement of the hour and minutes on a digital clock. 

Lots of fun while learning!

Almost two months in…

Yes, we are almost two months into the school year and I am still making changes to my classroom to meet the needs of all of my students! I love them all and want to support them in any way that I can to help them achieve success. 😊

So introducing, my newest classroom addition…the Calming Corner!!

**My tie backs for the curtains are bulletin board border with velcro!!**