Big Words

Looking for a new way to incorporate whole group learning with high frequency words? Purchase the “Big Words” app.  It’s a fun and interactive way to integrate technology  into the classroom in a very easy manor.

In this picture attached, I am holding the word every, here’s what I say:

(Me) What’s the word?

(Students) every

(Me) What’s the word?

(Students) every

(Me) I completed every obstacle at the race.

(Students): repeat sentence... I completed every obstacle at the race.

(Me) Spell it

(Students): e-v-e-r-y, every

(Me) Great job…then slide to the next word, repeat the same process…repetition, repetition, repetition!!!

Have fun!!!


Fact Families and Candy Corn

There is an inverse relationship between Addition and Subtraction. A number fact is made up of three numbers. These three numbers can be used to make up other number facts. … If children learn the important inverse relationship between addition and subtraction, subtraction facts will become much easier.  We practice these a lot during small group math but we had a little fun with it adding in a candy corn craft!!