Dr. Seuss Fun

Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite authors! I just love his amazing quotes and how his books are full of silliness, mischeif and even life lessons. I enjoy incorporating his literature and Dr.Seuss inspired activities into my lesson plans.
Below you will see a tabletop game I made for Kindergarten aged students to practice matching uppercase letters to lowercase letters. You will also see the addition card game that I used in which the student is given an addition problem to solve. The student will use Swedish Fish to solve the problem and will then find the fish bowl with the matching solution.  

For example:

a) the card will read, “2 +3=”

b) Student will count out: 2 Swedish Fish + 3 Swedish Fish = 5 Swedish Fish 

c) Student will find the card with the number 5 in the fish bowl! 

Problem solved! 

The last thing I have included is a sensory table activity.  The sensory table is full of items that are the colors red, white and blue. The students are to sort through the items in the table and pull out all of the items that are a different color than the colors on Cat’s hat… The items in the table include many different multi-sensory materials such as feathers, tissue paper, ribbon, beads, etc. The students have a great time feeling all of the different tactile materials while sorting colors. 

The second collage is two pics of myself…one is of me showing off our “Teacher of all Things” t-shirt and the other is of me dressed up as the “Cat” from “The Cat in the Hat” book.

“From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere!” ~Dr. Seuss


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