Compare and Contrast – Venn Diagram

This week in my groups, our learning has been focused on comparing and contrasting Informational text. Also, comparing and contrasting items with “what we already know” and we practiced how to use a Venn diagram.
With my younger students, we played a game where students made comparisons and contrasts which were we wrote down on sticky notes and they had to “Post It” to the correct place on the Venn diagram.

My older students got to experience a Venn diagram in lights! Yes, I made a Venn diagram out of Christmas lights! 😊 They pulled comparison and contrast statements from a passage about a Beluga whale and an Orca whale and they placed them in the correct places within our Venn diagram made of lights!

Our exit ticket one day was a game of Kahoot! My students love Kahoot! Another day our exit pass was that we played a game where I read a statement from the lesson just taught and they had to hold up a sign that said “compare” if it was a comparison statement or the sign that said “contrast” if it was a contrast statement!

We had a great time this week in The Resource(ful) Room!


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